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ICAAE formally confirmed and audited the The Asia Pacific school of business academic assessment certification

波士頓 1月25日:今天下午,亞太商學院--波士頓學院聯絡辦公室證實,ICAAE(國際學術評估認可委員會學術評估辦公室)正式接受我院學術資格認證申請。在接下來的六個月內,ICAAE將派遣代表團訪問我院並對學術和教學與教研水平進行評估研究;

ICAAE全稱國際學術評估認證委員會是一個專業的非營利組織,有來自50多個國家和地區的成員。 ICAAE擁有世界上最完善的組織機構、課程、學位資料庫。 ICAAE學歷認證具有高度的權威和良好的聲譽,受到高校、政府機構及歐美大多數國家勞工部門和學位評估機構、高校聯盟認可。主要國家和地區進行 ICAAE認證包括但不限於中國(包含港、澳、台地區),美國,加拿大,英國,德國,匈牙利,日本,韓國,墨西哥,奈及利亞,新加坡,馬來西亞,越南,俄羅斯,獨立的波羅的海國家。包含被認證學術院校的學位證書評估和學位互認。 ICAAE評估確保被認證院校頒授畢業證書公證和準確地評估。

Boston January 25: This afternoon, the joint office of The Asia Pacific School of Business-Boston College confirmed that ICAAE (Academic Assessment Office of the International Council for the Accreditation of Academic Evaluation) formally accepted my academic qualification for accreditation. In the next six Within months, ICAAE will send a delegation to visit our school for academic review and teaching and research assessment;
ICAAE full name International Council for the Accreditation of Academic Evaluation is the International Academic Evaluation Certification Board ICAAE is a non-profit organization of professionals, members from more than 30 countries. ICAAE has the world's most comprehensive institutions, courses, degree database. ICAAE degree diploma certification has a high degree of authority and a good reputation, has been recognized by universities, notaries, labor and other departments and degree assessment agencies. The major countries assessed by ICAAE include but are not limited to China, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia and independent Baltic states. Degree Diploma Assessment and mutual recognition of degrees and related documents. The ICAAE assessment ensures that diplomas obtained in China are notarized and accurately assessed.